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The Moon or Lunar Calendar with the accompanying Moon Star Glossary and this Moon Sign Glossary is meant to give a general flavor and outlook to the day for everyone.

The Moon Calendar gives the outlook to the day for everyone. Each day will have a different sign for the most part. Each Moon sign will give you the general trend for the day. The moon travels into a different constellation every 2 1/2 days. Each constellation influences the activities and the general outlook of the day.

The Daily Moon Star: Look up the Daily Moon Star by consulting the Moon Calendar. Please note that the natal Moon star is different from the Daily Moon Star that is prevalent from day to day. The daily Moon Star is listed in the Lunar calendar. Simply click on the Moon Star and it will take you to the Moon Star Glossary. The Moon Star of the day will give you the flavor of the day, and since the Moon Star is also ruled by certain planets, each day will not only be influenced by the nature of the Moon Star, but also by the Moon sign or constellation the Moon travels into, plus the nature of the planets that rule the Moon Stars.

Difference in application between the Daily Moon Star and the birth Moon Star: The Daily Moon Star is not to be confused with the birth Nakshatra or Moon Star. Of course they are the same 27 Lunar Mansions or Nakshatras or Moon Stars, yet the application is different. The Daily Moon Star will give the general flavor of the day, whereas your birth Nakshatra or Moon Star tells you your personality characteristics.  

Discover your birth Nakshatra personality characteristics by looking up your natal Moon Star in the Moon Star Glossary. The Nakshatra in your chart could influence personality and characteristics from the time of birth. Please note that you will already need to know what your birth or natal moon star is before you can look up your personality characteristics from your natal moon star. For this, you will need to know your birth moon star from your chart. If you do not know your birth moon star, and would like my help in finding out what it is, feel free to email me at

On Astrological Readings: Individual readings take into account many factors which might include very specific questions that you have about your life which are extensive in nature, and are personal and tailored to you. For instance, you may want to ask a question about your career or relationship that is specific to you. Readings are usually, but not limited to, one hour long.

For questions , please email me.



List of signs:

Moon in Aries, Moon in Taurus, Moon in Gemini, Moon in Cancer, Moon in Leo, Moon in Virgo, Moon in Libra, Moon in Scorpio, Moon in Sagittarius, Moon in Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius, Moon in Pisces.

The Moon Monthly Calendar should be distinguished from the Moon sign at the time of our birth. The personality at the time of birth is colored by the placement of the Moon in the Zodiac constellation, and represents the impressionistic or emotional aspect of the personality. The Moon's placement in the Zodiac constellations with respect to the Moon Calendar, indicates the emotional flavor of the day for everyone.

A comment about Moon phases: The Moon calendar indicates the placement of the Moon's phases. The Moon goes through phases, including the New Moon, the First Quarter, the Full Moon, and the Last Quarter. The Moon's phases will also influence the overall trend for that month, with respect to emotion and action or activity. During the New Moon, emotions are at a lull, ready to renew and build. Introspection is present. During the First Quarter, there is an influx of change and tension, and increased activity. During the Full Moon, intuition is at a high, and emotions are intensified. Creativity at this time is also increased. During the Last Quarter, activity is still high, but emotions are less intense, and daily reflection is more likely.

MOON SIGNS The Moon represents emotion, mind, intuition and change.The Moon travels into a new Zodiac constellation every 2 1/2 days. When the Moon travels into each sign, it will influence and color that day with the characteristics of the Zodiac sign.

Moon in Aries: This represents volatility, spontaneous action, fun and achievement. If the Moon goes ito this position, you might find yourself achieving quite a bit in one day, feeling self confident, and being more outspoken. This is pertinent especially for business and professionals. This also may be a good time for traveling. Unfavorable: Tendency for overdoing and physical or mental overexertion. Tempers might flare. Back to List

Moon in Taurus: This represents creativity, quiet time, sensuousness, tranquility, and/or accumulation of things, including monetary. Also, this may be a good time for business. You might want to do something creative, including writing, or building or creating. At this time being sociable, active and creative is on the increase. Unfavorable: Possessiveness, sluggishness or inconsistency may emerge temporarily on this day. Procrastination may occur. Back to List

Moon in Gemini: This represents changeability, restlessness and creativity. This also is a good time for organization and seminars. This time might be favorable for journey or travel, gardening and construction. Unfavorable: Restlessness or tension might be typical at this time. Back to List

Moon in Cancer: This is a good time for reflection and taking time for oneself whenever possible. Good time for family gatherings or getting in touch with relatives. Unfavorable: Emotional volatility, touchiness. Back to List

Moon in Leo: This time is favorable for performance, music, the arts and gatherings with groups. Social activities at this time might increase. Fun and excitement is an element here. Romantic relationships may intensify, begin, or renew. Unfavorable: Over indulgence, irritability or cravings might be a factor. Back to List

Moon in Virgo: When the Moon goes into this position, creativity is increased. It is a good time for writing, research, and organizing, whether for an office or for travel. Pay attention to health and diet at this time. Relationships may intensify. This might also be a good time for traveling. Unfavorable: Tension may increase; eating the wrong foods, indifference. Back to List

Moon in Libra. With the Moon in this position you can expect things in general to go more smoothly or to be more harmonious. This is a good time for business or for accumulation of wealth. Intuition is increased. Diplomacy is key. A harmonious time for relationships. Unfavorable: fickleness, indecisiveness. Back to List

Moon in Scorpio. Mystery and intuition is increased with respect to every day occurrence. This is a passionate time for relationship and also for artistic or creative endeavors. This may be a good time to take a journey. Unfavorable: jealousy and/or resentment may occur. There might be an element of secrecy at this time. Back to List

Moon in Sagittarius. When the Moon goes into this position, physical activity is on the rise. Hiking, biking or exercising might be key. Change and decisiveness is typical at this time, as well as recognition. Unfavorable: Aggressiveness or a feeling of wanderlust or restlessness might be present. Back to List

Moon in Capricorn. With the Moon in this position, it is a good time to focus on career and/or finances. A sense of caution and patience is increased. There is a possibility of monetary increase at this time. This also is a good time to structure, plan and work on relationships. Unfavorable: Anxiety, feeling trapped, fluctuation of finances, overdoing work tendencies may emerge temporarily. Back to List

Moon in Aquarius. This position may be favorable for outdoor activity and having fun. Seeking new endeavors in business, and hobbies are prevalent during this phase. This might be a good time for taking up a new hobby or activity. This is a time where free thinking and brainstorming might increase. Unconventionality and daring or courage is characteristic of this phase. Unfavorable: lack of discipline, thoughtlessness, lack of commitment. Back to List

Moon in Pisces. When the Moon is in this position, receptiveness and openness might be present. Intuition is increased. Emotions might be intensified at this time. Be aware of your diet and health habits. Romance may come into your life, or in a present relationship, romance may intensify. Commitment may be present. Unfavorable: Unpredictability, indecisiveness. 


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